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Alpharetta, GA December 10, 2003

Cheryl Williams received the USDF All Breeds 2003 Horse of the Year Award for Training Level with her Haflinger pony, Michael's Magic.

Cheryl Williams and Mikey

Mary Sandefur and Mr. Bond, grazing in the sun.

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Applewood Events...

 GDCTA Kudzu Klinic with Amanda Persons-  

     On Saturday September 27, 2003, Applewood Farm hosted a talented group of horses and riders for a GDCTA Kudzu Klinic with Amanda Persons.   

We had 14 horses and riders and a small group of auditors. 

  Dr. Cherie Booker DVM of Equine Medical Associates provided the lunch-time lecture on Sport Horse Performance and Maintenance. She discussed various preventative medicine and training programs as well as common sport horse ailments and injuries and their respective treatments.

  The participants and auditors enjoyed a catered luncheon provided by Bleu Horse Ventures, Ltd., Be sure to contact them for your custom equestrian logo wear and all your promotional needs.

  We especially thank all the GDCTA volunteers who organized the clinic.

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