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Alpharetta, GA February 24, 2002

  An Applewood delegation hit the road and showed up in Wellington to see Michelle Gibson ride in the Zada Florida Classic show at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club February 14-17.   

Michelle & Indy warming up

  Michelle had a test on Thursday at 10:00 and another on Friday at 9:25.  It was exciting to watch her ride for first place in both tests.

Ready for the test

  Heavy thunder storms came in Saturday and Michelle decided to let Indy have a rest day.

Coming in from the rain

Cheers for Michelle!

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Michelle & Indy’s Test Results

 Zada Florida Dressage Classic 

Intermediaire-1    73.250%  1st Place 2/15/02

Prix St Georges  69.583%  1st Place 2/14/02

 Wellington Dressage

Intermediaire-1    71.125%  1st Place  2/2/02

Prix St Georges  71.750%  1st Place  2/1/02

  Gold Coast Opener

Intermediaire-1    74.500%  1st Place  1/19/02

Prix St Georges  69.250%  2nd Place  1/18/02


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  In contrast to the dead of winter at Applewood in Georgia, Michelle’s Wellington, Florida stables looked spring-like with lush green grass and shrubs. We sat out on the lawn and relaxed while Michelle worked with her clients in the arena.

Main entrance to stables

Relaxing on the lawn in front of stables

Lori Wolf makes a good expression

  Many thanks to Lori Wolf for having our whole crowd over to her house for a party Saturday night.

  Applewood Foundation for Excellence in Dressage is proud of its support from friends, sponsors, and the community.  Our goal

is to send Michelle Gibson and World of Dreams to the 2004 Olympics.  Michelle and Indy are clearly doing their part.  We plan to send them to Europe for training this spring.  Find out how you can be a part of this Olympic journey.  Contact Applewood Foundation to join in the excitement now!

Indy’s Wellington stabling is sponsored by Applewood Foundation


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 Be part of the winning team and help send Michelle to the 2004 Olympics.  Find out how you can help Applewood Foundation today.





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