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Alpharetta, GA February 7, 2002

News from the farm

   Our new farm manager and trainer, Amanda Persons of Columbia South Carolina, is doing a great job.  She will be competing on her horse, Evolutionist, currently in training with Michelle in Florida. Amanda joins the Applewood and M. Gibson staff as a trainer, instructor, barn manager, and she also handles the administrative side of M. Gibson Enterprises. She is now accepting horses  and riders for training. 

Amanda & Wodehouse

  In case you were wondering about our previous manager, Meredith Mack, she is now a newly wed, residing in Wayne, New Jersey with her husband Warrick Gilson, and her horse Tuzla. We wish them all the best!

Meredith & Warrick married in Las Vegas

Applewood boarding space is now available

Please come see us!

 (and bring your horse with you.) 770-663-4075

Applewood Profile

   Sara Larsson came to Applewood from Karlstad, Sweden.  Her 8yr Danish warm blood, Diameter, shipped in mid December. Sara has a degree in mechanical engineering, is 33 yrs old, and studied dressage under Bo Tibblin in Gothenbourg before moving with her husband Cai to Atlanta.  A talented groom, she also works for Amanda with the training horses. We are glad she is here!

Sara Larsson & Diameter



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News from Wellington, Florida

  Michelle Gibson and World of Dreams are producing stellar performances in Wellington Florida this winter season.  Representing the very first competitions for their new career together, Michelle and Indy came out of the chute with a second and three first places.


Michelle & Indy enjoying the show

Michelle & Indy’s Test Results

  Wellington Dressage

Intermediaire-1    71.125%  1st Place  2/2/02

Prix St Georges  71.750%  1st Place  2/1/02

  Gold Coast Opener

Intermediaire-1    74.500%  1st Place  1/19/02

Prix St Georges  69.250%  2nd Place  1/18/02

Outstanding in the arena

On-Line news

Be sure to see the January 26, 2002 edition of Sidelines Magazine.  There’s a great photo of Michelle and Indy (by Mary Phelps) on the cover and a nice Dressage Profile article (by Mary Hilton) “Michelle Gibson Returns To FEI With World Of Dreams.”   Another nice Mary Phelps photo on DressageDaily. You may click these links to see the magazines on-line. 

Michelle and Indy airborne again

Road Trip

The next show will be The Zada Florida Dressage Classic, February 14-17 at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club.  Michelle will be riding Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Come cheer her on!  A lot of Applewood friends and family will be going down to the show.  See you there!


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